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The human impact on the planet has become pervasive over the past century. No place on the surface of the planet is untouched by the byproducts of human technology. How extensive is that impact?

To find out how extensive your footprint is, take the Ecological Footprint Quiz. Sponsored by Earthday Network and Redefining Progress, this free, simple questionnaire calculates a reasonably accurate ecological footprint for an individual living in the US. With fewer than 20 questions covering your general location, food, goods, housing, and transportation, the Quiz can tell you in 10 minutes or less how your lifestyle compares with others in the the U.S., how many "acres" are needed to sustain it and how many planets would be required if all humans live as you do.

For a more detailed analysis of individual ecological footprints or to learn more about the Ecological Footprint methodology, visit Redefining Progress (see above).



The size of your Ecological Footprint may disturb you. In a few reported cases, the users' mental well-being was affected and some serious thinking was induced. In addition, knowing your footprint may help you to further appreciate how the companies in which we invest have varying impacts that are important to understand. Fortunately, some business activities are directed toward minimizing and reversing the destructive impacts of others. It is those businesses we hope to support through our investments for the future betterment of the planet.


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