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About Montana, the Best Place to Live

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Montana, the fourth largest state in the union, is a state of many different landscapes. The western third of the state is mountainous, from which the state gets its name, with the eastern two thirds being mostly grasslands and isolated island ranges. Traditionally a agricultural and extractive economy, Montana is now primarily a tourist and recreation spot, with much of its draw coming from its spectacular scenery, abundant wildlife, fishing, hunting, skiing, and Glacier and Yellowstone national parks.

Montana is a place where moose have been known to wander into town, you carry bear spray when hiking deep into the woods, and where a camera is always good to have on hand. Wildlife and amazing scenery go hand-in-hand in Montana.

Montana is home to Triple Divide Peak in Glacier National Park where water tumbles into three different watersheds leading to the Pacific Ocean, Gulf of Mexico and Hudson Bay. It has the second most amount of microbreweries per capita in the country. There are seven Indian reservations in the state. Population in 2010 was 989,415.

Montana is hot in the summer (up to lower-90's) and cold in the winter (down to -20s). Outdoor recreation is very popular in the summer and downhill and crosscountry skiing popular in the winter. There is always something to do in Montana year round.


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