General Financial Planning

In order to provide an integrated service that covers the broad needs of clients, we, as financial planners, offer a range of services that include overall planning for money management, educational expenses, managing risk, retirement needs, reducing taxes, estate settlement, risk reduction, and accumulating wealth.

Within the context of an overall plan of action, our goal is to find the best services, strategies and products available to meet client needs. For those seeking investment management services for stock portfolios, we are associated with experienced and competent advisors who are responsive to the needs and sensitivities of each individual client, who keep management and trading expenses low, and who report account activity on a regular basis.

Because there are unique advantages such as risk management and control of taxes, we make use of a variety of strategies and products such as retirement plan accounts, annuities, charitable trusts, 1031 property exchanges, Sec. 529 college savings plans and insurance products to solve problems, control taxes and maximize opportunity. 

To learn about the services we offer visit our Financial Planning and Smart Investment sections. You can get a head start on the process by downloading and completing some of our forms. For further information concerning any of these issues, please contact us and we will send the information requested. We look forward to your call and will do our best to be helpful. Please indicate how you wish to be contacted (U.S. mail, e-mail or fax) and provide the following information:

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