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Private placement offerings permit qualified investors to participate in ownership of investment properties generating strong cash flow while holding on for future appreciation. These properties qualify for Sec. 1031 exchanges.

Investors must have a minimum net worth of one million dollars or annual income (with spouse) of at least $250,000 and may reside anywhere in the United States. These offerings are registered with the California Department of Corporations. An investment in these properties provides an opportunity for both income and growth but, as with any investment, entails a degree of risk which is described in the offering materials.

To help investors gain a better understanding of 1031 exchanges, we cover a variety of topics; in addition to the menu items listed just above, you can learn more about how Estate Conservation Associates can help you accomplish your 1031 exchange and what are the principal pitfalls of the process.

We are also delighted to provided further information and answer your questions in person; please contact us so that we may provide the information you need, supply you with an illustration and review currently available properties. Please indicate how you wish to be contacted (U.S. mail, e-mail or fax) and provide the following information:

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